Functions by the Bay offers you the ideal venue for a professional, relaxed and stress free event. It is our pleasure to invite you to hold your event here with us and make your dream day a reality!
*Up to 1hr prior to guest arrival. Please see T&C’s for more info.
* Up to 1hr after guest departure. Please see T&C’s for more.
Minimum numbers, menu selection, dietary requirements, and payment is required 10 days prior to your function. Final numbers and full payment required 7 days prior to your function.

Security required for functions with a bar at $48 per hour (minimum of 4 hours). Bar staff at $35 per hour if less than 50 people.
Your booking will only be considered as confirmed upon receipt of your hire fee.
*1 room Monday to Friday (am)- $450 per day
*1 room Friday (pm) to Sunday- $550 per day
*Room hire fee is required to secure all function bookings
*Please make direct contact for any additional set up requirements
Menu requirements (please let us know if you have any dietary requirements for guests).
Beverage Requirements
Beverage Package - minimum Guests 50
Cnr Plowman Place & Young Street, Frankston VIC 3199
m. 0466 673 524 or

Should this proposal not fall within your requirements, please contact me directly.

If you have any other questions or would like to arrange an inspection of our property, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Functions by the Bay
P.O Box 354, Frankston VIC 3199
0466 673 524
GENERAL This document contains the terms and conditions by which the Client’s event is to be held at Functions By the Bay. This document must be read in conjunction with the Event details which together forms the whole agreement once signed by both parties. The Client needs to ensure that they have carefully read these Terms and Conditions and the Event details.

- Bookings are held after room hire fee is paid
- Upon selection of your date, your booking will be considered as confirmed upon receipt of your room hire fee
- Functions by the Bay reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the hire fee has not been received and or another booking is paid.

- In the regrettable situation that you are forced to cancel or postpone your event, your hire fee is non-refundable but on agreement can be used to secure another date
- Functions by the Bay requires all cancellations in writing.
- Cancellations in excess of 60 days’ notice prior to the scheduled event will receive a full refund (excluding your hire fee) should your total invoice be paid.
- Cancellations within 30-60 days will receive a 50% refund (excluding your room hire) should your total invoice be paid.
- Cancellations within 30 days of the event will incur no refund should your total invoice be paid.
- The organiser shall pay on demand any costs incurred for the said function.
- In the case that a third party contractor is involved, the full cost of the services or product will be the responsibility of the organiser.

21st Birthday Celebrations, Sports Club Presentation nights and other functions determined by management, that require a $500 bond will be requested to be paid at the time of the hire fee payment. This will be held until the week following the function when it is fully refundable, unless damage has been caused by any person attending the function.

Function organisers and their guests are not permitted to consume food or beverage other than those supplied by Functions by the Bay. Celebration Cake for Birthdays, Weddings, Engagements & 21st’s are an exception.

- Minimum numbers, menu selection, dietary requirements, and payment are required 14 days prior to your function.
- Your minimum number is NOT subject to reduction
- Final numbers and full payment required 14 days prior to your function.
- Requests for increasing the numbers within a 72 hour period of your function are subject to Functions By The Bay approval
- ALL GUESTS must be catered for.

Payment of any Bar Tab is required to be settled at the time of request by either Cash or Credit Card - Visa & Mastercard are accepted. If there should be a remaining balance on said tab, a refund will be made at the conclusion of the function. Cheques will not be accepted.

The organiser of the function assumes responsibility for any and/or all damages caused by themselves or any guest, invitee or other person attending the function, whether in the room reserved or any other part of the venue. The hirer is liable for any damage or theft that may occur in relation to your function and all expenses will be expected to be paid within 7 days. The hirer indemnifies Functions by the Bay against any claim for loss, damage or theft of any goods belonging to the hirer or their guests.

All prices are current at the time they are submitted and are subject to increase without notice. These prices are applicable to all functions and prices are subject to revision until the final menu and service details are approved and invoiced.

Public Holiday Functions – 15% surcharge

Decorations and technical requirements other than those featured in the function room NEED to be discussed with our Functions Manager as these may incur additional costs and require in-house assistance for access and set up. No smoke machines of any sort are allowed.

Signage and decorations must be free standing or with the use of Blu Tack. Strictly no nails, screws, staples or adhesive on any wall, door, window or other surface or part of the building. Decorations erected by the organiser are to be removed by the organiser, upon completion of the function. Decorations that have not been removed will be disposed of by staff after the event has taken place. Strictly no confetti, table scatters, feathers or glitter are to be used within the venue.

If, in the opinion of Management, it is necessary to employ security. The cost of employing such staff shall be added to the charge of $48 per hour, per guard and $60 per hour, per guard should your function fall on a public holiday. Management reserves the right to decide on the number of security staff required per event. Minimum of 4 hours required.

Under the Liquor Licensing Law’s, a patron must leave the premises when requested if they are deemed to display, drunk, violent or quarrelsome behaviour. Functions by the Bay and staff reserves the right without liability, to refuse entry or request any or all persons displaying such behaviours to leave the venue at any time. Rowdy behaviour, swearing, fighting or antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated and the function will be closed with no refund available.

In the event that Functions by the Bay cannot be made available to the hirer on the date/s for which it has been hired by reason of flood, fire damage, industrial dispute or any other reason, the Management shall not be liable for loss. The hirer shall be entitled to use only parts of the building hired and shall vacate it punctually at the time specified by Management. Management reserves the right to let any other portion of the building for any purpose at the same time.

All bar services will conclude at 12am midnight Mon-Sat and 11pm Sundays. Final drinks service will be called 30 minutes prior to bar closing and guests will be requested to vacate function rooms/premises by 12.00am or 11pm on Sundays.

Guests under the age of 18 years old will NOT be permitted to consume alcohol under any circumstances and guests between the ages of 18-25 may be requested to present suitable identification. Acceptable proof of age is key pass, proof of age card, driver's license and/or passport. Under no circumstances are underage guests permitted to consume alcohol.

Functions by the Bay staff have been trained in the Liquor Licensing Accredited “Responsible Service of Alcohol” and are required by law to refuse to supply liquor to any person that appears to be intoxicated. Under no circumstance is glass to be taken out of the function room, including the toilets, corridors, hallways, or staircase.

Guests will only be permitted to smoke in outside designated areas of the venue. Parking is strictly at owner’s risk.

Functions By The Bay have contracted cleaners:
- The throwing of Confetti and/or rice is not permitted.
- If substantial additional cleaning is required after a function the costs will be on charged to the client at $40 per hour.

Functions by the Bay has up-to-date fully integrated AV facilities. Should you require a tech on site this will be billed out at a cost of $60 per hour (minimum 4 hours).

Room set up will commence 1 hour prior to your guest arrival. An additional venue hire fee of $50 per hour (min 3 hour) applies if access to the venue is required more than 1 hour prior to your guest arrival. This fee will be negotiated with the Functions Manager depending on availability. All deliveries must be pre-arranged with your event representative and must be clearly marked. There are no short or long term storage facilities on-site, therefore all equipment must be off-site at the conclusion of the event unless other arrangements have been made with the Events Manager.
Have fully read and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions